Things I love

Gosh. So many things.

But for starters, here are just a few useful links to sites I love and use – currently these are for the love, no sponsorship or affiliate links:

Health and fitness

F45 –
Yep I’m a fully paid up, card carrying member of this fitness cult. Trust me, you won’t go back either, it’s absolutely changed my life, energy and of course fitness. Pre preggo jeans anyone?! (and I’m lazy and love cheese, wine and pies).

Preggi Bellies –
Couldn’t have got through pregnancy or birth without it. I absolutely credit PB with being back in my pre preggi clothes within eight months.

C25K –
If, like me, you are a bit rubbish at running, this app is a total win. It gets you running at a manageable pace, AND breaks down your run to a half hour so it’s less daunting and easier to squeeze in. You can repeat weeks if you miss any and really if the goal of reaching 5k isn’t such a big deal, it’s still a great work out even if you stay on week 1 forever!!

Positive thinking

The Secret –
If you haven’t heard of the secret but like the idea of manifesting your dreams then look no further than The Secret. My personal favourite is The Magic which is a practical guide to gratitude and realising your dreams. Literally, step by step. My gorgeous husband still writes ten things a day he is grateful for four years after he finished reading the book. It sounds woowoo but if you are remotely leaning this way, why not give it a go?

The Cosmic Ordering Service
I read an article years ago about this (and I’ve managed to find that cosmic ordering article here). Those of you from the UK will chuckle at the mention of Noel Edmonds who made this so famous. I still have a copy of the Cosmic Ordering Service book on my shelf. I ordered the only sunny day in early January 2014 for my wedding. Torrential rain either side. Just saying.

Baby stuff

The Dream Baby Guide –
The reason I love Sheyne Rowley’s approach to bringing up your baby is it’s all about respect and communication. It’s a complete approach that basically says, if your kid feels comfortable and respected and trusts you, they will sleep just fine. It worked on both of our kids, and they are very different kitty cats.

Annabel Karmel –
Actually I use her app which is absolutely genius for busy mums. These are really quick simple recipes, and when your kids are in that ‘eat anything’ stage they love them and it’s just winning all round with this. The app has a favourites and shopping list facility that makes it extra brilliant.

Life coaching

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy –
Although I’m currently not taking bookings, I’m a qualified Beautiful You Coach and it was a life changing process for me. If you are thinking of getting a coach, look no further. If you think you want to become a coach, then check them out and see if their heart-centred approach fits with you.