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  Well, we made it, my little family and me. That’s one full year under our belts. A year of highs and lows. A year of love in the infinite degree. A year of soul searching and redefining who I am as a person, a wife and a mother. I’ve already covered lots of lessons… Read Article →

You might have picked up that both Janis and I are expats – I’m from the UK, J is from Latvia and we live in Melbourne. Christmas has got me thinking about the expat deal, the challenges and advantages and why the hell we do it. One of the only material things I miss about… Read Article →

My first video…! Probably more exciting for me than you but I decided when I was going to talk to Janis about his time doing daddy day care on paternity leave that it would be great for you guys to get to meet him. Because he really is an all round legend. It’s 7 minutes… Read Article →

I went on a night out with some single friends last weekend and it got me thinking about what a minefield being single in your 30s really is. When I was dating in my early 30s I dubbed it the bullshit minefield, because it REALLY is like that. One foot wrong and BAM…covered in BS. If… Read Article →

We finally signed all of the paperwork for our mortgage recently, and became owners of a small piece of Australia. We are embarking on a build project with Porter Davis and building an amazing home that is beyond anything either of us ever imagined we’d own. This particularly applies to me since I’ve ALWAYS been… Read Article →

Hello and welcome! I’m so excited that you are here (hello? anybody out there?) and I just wanted to use this post to explain what what Feel Better Collective is all about. Part of the reason I was driven to write about feeling better every day, and start this blog, was the conversations I have continually… Read Article →

I’m big on learning and boy do I learn from making mistakes, so I thought I’d do some regular posts on things I’ve learnt. Sound useful? So let me preface this article by saying that I was so far in denial about my identity as a mum that I didn’t want to think of this… Read Article →

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