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I can feel a turning of the tide in the online world, and it’s funny because it feels like the very reason I started this blog is very soon going to be where it’s at in terms of online trends. That is, keeping it real – normal, accessible, realistic self-care. Imperfection embraced, and loving ourselves… Read Article →

It was International Women’s Day this week and I was incredibly privileged to hear Sam Mostyn speak about the importance of gender diversity in the workplace, bringing about diversity of thought and ultimately making companies successful via a different point of view. It made me think about how we go about defining success as a… Read Article →

  When daily life feels like too much of a grind, it’s really important to know and recognise a) when you are tipping over the edge and b) what can snap you out of it. The Feel Better Collection is a series that hopes to help you do just that. There’s the big stuff, the… Read Article →

I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks back that I had been in a New Year funk and had had to get set with my intentions and plan for making 2016 a successful year. Feel Better Collective is all about a daily pep talk, activity or funny moment that can lift the fog… Read Article →

If you are anything like me, you’ve had a slow start to 2016. I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions, but I am generally purposeful as a person and so my sluggish start has been both unusual and well, not very good for me. I’ve found myself being a bit more irritable, moody, frustrated… Read Article →

Self-exploration is an amazingly powerful thing to do and it’s something I have been cognoscente of for a long time (you can read a little bit more about that in my life lessons). It’s something I have seen as a gift ever since, being open to looking inward and knowing myself. Of course with everything… Read Article →

So maternity leave gets all sorts of naughty elves going in the mind. I don’t know many women who aren’t feverishly trying to think of ways to make life/career etc work better for them and their families (if indeed they have to work, big up the ladies that pull off the never going back thing SO JEL!). Between… Read Article →

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