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I wrote about the house we are building back when I started the blog (that’s it above right now and yes it’s on the corner of Joy Street, which we didn’t know when we bought the land, beautiful messaging from the universe there!), but as is the norm with this kind of process, not much… Read Article →

We finally signed all of the paperwork for our mortgage recently, and became owners of a small piece of Australia. We are embarking on a build project with Porter Davis and building an amazing home that is beyond anything either of us ever imagined we’d own. This particularly applies to me since I’ve ALWAYS been… Read Article →

Really exciting news in the Ivanovskis household is that we’re building a house! I know there are entire blogs dedicated to this process so I’m not going to do that, but there is SO much that is interesting about it that I thought I’d share updates about the good stuff.   Why build? So I guess… Read Article →

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