The house that love built

A picture of our house - the house that love built

I wrote about the house we are building back when I started the blog (that’s it above right now and yes it’s on the corner of Joy Street, which we didn’t know when we bought the land, beautiful messaging from the universe there!), but as is the norm with this kind of process, not much was happening build wise at that time and the blog has become about so much more than just what I’m up to day-to-day since then.

However, it is frankly insane how quickly our house is progressing and I am freaking out about the moving date drawing ever closer (in fact, moving closer all the time, such is the progress). We are moving across Victoria, so it’s not just a move it’s an entire lifestyle change. It’s making friends. Again. It’s finding childcare. Again. It’s working out the routine and daily strategy. Again. It’s huge. And exciting. And scary.

But, we have a frame, windows and a roof. It looks like a house. It looks large. It also looks like hard work and love and sacrifice and commitment. Due to the epic financial skills of my husband, a major amount of detailed planning and just sheer belief and willpower, we are building a home that is honestly some kind of fairy tale.

It reminds me that the combination of positive thinking, belief in the art of the possible, determination, planning and a bloody good partnership can really achieve anything. It reminds me to be grateful every day for meeting Janis and the path that ultimately took us both on. It’s been less than four years since we met and together we have achieved so much. One of our first conversations was about the laws of attraction, positive energy, gratitude and synchronicity and all of those things have come together to allow us to live this pretty epic life.

And really I guess that’s the motivation for writing this. I posted last week on positivity and getting myself out of the funk and this house is a great example of something I want to regularly and mindfully focus on.

Life can be a grind if you let it. As I have mentioned, since Christmas I’ve been caught up in what’s hard about it, what makes me sad, the disappointments and frustrations. I’ve been working really hard and getting back to positive practices with the help of my coaching buddy and have made huge progress in really opening my mind to all that is good. It can sound really trite to tell people to be grateful for what they have, but it makes such a difference to your general mindset and flow on ‘luck’ and abundance that I just can’t say it enough.

It’s made me think about my top 10 everyday things to be grateful for – what’s on your list?

  1. Janis and Frankie. Always. Heart and gut wrenchingly grateful for those two humans.
  2. My family and friends – near and far, I am beyond blessed with the people that surround me.
  3. Living in Australia. It’s a life I never wished for, accidentally manifested and now can’t imagine living anywhere else (sorry mum!).
  4. I have never saved as much money as this in my whole life. Or, any money to be honest. It is an utterly liberating feeling, even though most of it has disappeared into bricks and mortar.
  5. Eating good food. We’ve educated ourselves, we are on a budget but we can still eat well and really enjoy it. Mostly thanks to Jamie Oliver.
  6. Where we live right now. We rent a little house in Brighton, Victoria with the beach at the end of the street. At any point, we can get out of the house and be by the sea in a jiffy. Magic.
  7. Where we are going to live. We travel to Torquay all the time and love it there. To have it on our doorstep in a house we have built is mind-blowingly exciting. It feels like the last piece of the puzzle.
  8. Sunshine sunshine sunshine. People joke about the Melbourne weather but to a Brit, I don’t care if it’s a shitty day because the sun ALWAYS makes an appearance, and it still just makes my heart sing to see sun.
  9. Packages from home. There is honestly nothing better. My mum probably sends one on average every few weeks. Mostly it’s stuff for Frankie and so I’m always reminded of mum and home every time I dress her in them, which is a nice little bonus.
  10. The women I have met over the past six months, while taking a new path (in fact a road less travelled for me it turns out!) and developing myself. The courses I have done – Beautiful You and Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted – have been brilliant on their own, but the community they have brought me to has taught me even more.

So a post that started out about our house build ended up with a different leaning altogether – but writing from the heart can be like that.


What life lessons have you learnt from the good things that happen to you? What everyday things can make you stop and go…oh yeah, life is good!

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