Feel better every day: positivity power pack

She-Ra has got a positivity power pack and so have I

I mentioned in my post a couple of weeks back that I had been in a New Year funk and had had to get set with my intentions and plan for making 2016 a successful year.

Feel Better Collective is all about a daily pep talk, activity or funny moment that can lift the fog and getting clear on my intentions has really helped me zone in on all the things I do that make me able to get out of bed every day even when it all just feels TOO HARD. Some of these I have to force myself to do but once I’ve done them, the feel better vibes kick in and I might even allow myself some smug satisfaction. If bloody She-Ra has the power, then so have I. And so have you.

The Feel Better Positivity Power Pack

  1. What you put in your body (and what you keep out)
  2. How you move
  3. What you tell yourself
  4. What you tell the universe
  5. Feel better treats – whatever makes you go mmmmmmmmm

And this is my take on getting it done.

1. What I put into my body (and what I keep out)

Look I get it. It’s DULL and a bit hard, but genuinely if you can get your shit together on this stuff it helps SO MUCH. It doesn’t have to be crazy/raw/macrobiotic/killmenow. The basics I promised myself are:

  • Continue with daily lemon water (can I tell you the benefits AGAIN) with multi vit
  • Nutri blast every day for breaky (half banana, frozen berries, spinach, yoghurt, almond milk, chia seeds)
  • Healthy snacks (I’ve been making Jamie Oliver sweet potato muffins which are also great for F. They freeze well, and are a good mid-morning munch)
  • Packed lunch. Sometimes I am inspired and organised and make a giant salad on a Sunday to eat all week. Sometimes I just cannot be bothered and have corncakes with avo/cucumber/tuna/ vaguely healthy toppings. It’s not inspiring but it’s easy and it’s not cheesy nachos or half a pizza from the foodcourt…
  • Two vegetarian days per week (and a revamp of the meal plan to New and Exciting dinners, on a house saving budget)
  • Bread? What bread? Rye bread if any
  • Wholegrain everything
  • Cutting out the booze. The odd glass, but really rarely. Took all of the wine out of the fridge to stop me. Have considered drinking warm wine many times.

2. How I move my body

In my article about exercise I outlined my favourite fitness shortcuts. Currently I am doing:

Sometimes I really have to HAUL ARSE to get to this stuff. I am setting the intention beforehand so it’s harder to back out of. I NEVER regret doing any of it and in just a few weeks I am seeing results.

3. What I tell myself

Positivity breeds positivity and of course the opposite is also true. It is SO important to be kind to yourself and the hardest thing in the world to do when you are busy. I do feel like when I am getting 1 and 2 right, that 3 starts to naturally follow. Through coaching, I’m also practising daily affirmations, meditations and reading books that develop and grow my self-confidence.

It’s a daily challenge to be mindfully positive. Honestly even following some lovely spirit junkies on Instagram might just give you a little ‘YOU GOT THIS’ pep up when you need it most.

I’m working on concentrating on the good feelings and letting them bubble up. Loving my husband and daughter. Loving the feeling I get after a good workout. Loving my belly not being bloated and my clothes fitting better. Enjoying the process of writing these blogs and the impact they can sometimes make.

4. What I tell the universe

Yeah yeah WOOWOO. But honestly, most self-development books go there in some way and I’m all about that at the moment because coaching is creating a thirst for self-development and self-improvement (currently reading, and freaking out at, The Big Leap). Even if it’s not about angels or God or whatever deity you do or don’t believe in, there is a very real argument that putting what you want ‘out there’ is how you make it happen. INTENTION. So so powerful.

One of my lovely friends actually said this week ‘you’re an expert manifester, remember how you came to be here and all that. Hold aloft your magic sword coz YOU HAVE THE POWER!!’. And you know what. She’s right. I’ll tell the freaky story about how this life was clearly mapped out for a long time another time but every time I get REALLY focused on what I want, and only talk in those terms, it happens. Every time I let shit get me down, it’s a spiral that is pointless and draining.

Being purposefully grateful (writing it down, saying it in your mind or actually saying it out loud in the mirror etc) has SO many benefits. One is that you just feel better when you realise how much you have to be grateful for (and I’m talking about ANYTHING even on a shit day. The great sandwich you ate. The sunshine. Accidentally catching an earlier train. A phone call with a friend. Your house not being THAT filthy. Freshly washed sheets. You get me…). Another is that it focuses your mind on the good in your life which means you are SO much more open to opportunities when they present themselves, and that alone is very powerful.

5. Feel better treats, just for me

I’ve got to that age where I bloody love a scented candle. I take myself off for a little solo stroll or firkle round the shops. I always factor in time to properly blow dry my hair, twice a week (yeah I’ve got that bad boy barnet trained well). Make up, almost always when I leave the house BUT on ‘shake it off’ days just enjoying being bare faced and slouchy. Coffee catch ups and lunch dates when I’m a grown up in the city for work. Reading on the train. Meditating on the train. Listening to podcasts on the train (currently Danielle La Porte’s Firestarter series). A beautiful lemongrass and ginger tea outside in peace. Or a full strength frothy coffee with Janis on a Saturday morning while Frankie sleeps. Trashy telly. Date night.


What helps you stay positive or get out of a funk? Get on it. And let me know how you get on….


  1. Love this post sweets. Absolutely spot on.
    My two pence (or two cents) worth… When I’m in a “Mummy Funk” (when all the domestic mummydom is just so mundane and boring and constant and exhausting and thankless) I stop everything and have a totally present, focused, engaged time with my kid(s). Playing a game, baking, dancing, doing makeovers, going for a walk, splashing in puddles (cos MummyFunk is generally accompanied by bloody drizzle). Getting right in the joyful moment with them recharges my batteries enough to make picking (another) cold bit of fish finger off the floor or doing (another) load of laundry bearable.
    And a bit of focused mummy time normally wins me cuddles and nose rubs and compliments from my gorgeous girls. Win.

    • YES Jen, love this!! And I love how you describe it too, it is SO that. But a gorgeous bit of special focus time is just what the dr orders to remember why we do it all, right?? And cuddles and nose rubs FTW!! xxxx

      • Glad it resonates – think it will more as F gets older and if another small terrorist joins your family. “I’m so fed up of you that the only answer is to totally immerse myself in you”. Funny old business, this Mummy lark.

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